About Us


COLLECTIVE AESTHETICS aims to provide creative professionals an affordable platform of professional EDUCATION, PRODUCTS, SERVICES, and RESOURCES of EMPOWERMENT that inspires and strengthens confidence in the industry while concurrently identifying and building brand identity. 


 Artistry is a form of language. As creative professionals, the ability to communicate our craft as a medium of self-expression to translate our clients' inner beauty and style is an invaluable privilege which must be taken seriously.

It is essential for creative professionals to develop a solid foundation of skills and abilities to successfully and safely deliver services to the public.

Creating a brand identity and image are imperative to maintaining a successful career. 

Learn how to set yourself apart from your competition, let COLLECTIVE AESTHETICS help you build your fundamental skills, identify your brand identity, and show the world who YOU are.

Revolutionary Approach

COLLECTIVE AESTHETICS  is not your ordinary continuing education or consultant. Our program surpasses the fundamental knowledge required for state licensure by incorporating business applications, social media skills, branding, and advertising across various potential employment scenarios such as salon, production, celebrity, and self-employment.

Our innovative approach and commitment to student, professional, and salon owner success will ensure you have a long and lucrative career.

From the Salon to the Runway

Backstage @ NYFW SS15